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Dear Madam and Sir, I am writing to introduce our IMEX SARL; we are a company based in Monaco, in order to operate in the whole of France in Europe and in the World with offices and workshop building in Italy in Milan, Florence, Turin, Rome and Sardinia to be closer to our customers at events Italy and in particular to the "Fiera di Milano". We remain at your disposal if you want a free quote for any project. IMEX was born from the experience of that for many years has managed the interior design and construction, displays and communication fairs nationally and internationally, with a team of highly motivated, serious and well-known in these areas. The activities that IMEX can offer can be divided into four categories as follows: PLANNING - interior design (furniture and furnishings for apartments, shops, restaurant, hotel, spa, resort etc.) - project (studying in detail all areas must arrange) - study materials (choosing the right materials in all situations) - structures of exhibition areas (representing the image of the customer by means of a stand) - any part of the structural (truss) - the whole part of audio - the whole part of the video - the whole part of illumination COMMUNICATION - Photo and video (studies of services and the production - personalized photo and audio) - Graphic Design - new media (web, for the application of advanced telephony, social networks, e-mail, etc.) ORGANIZATION OF EVENTS (Convention - concerts - fairs - Exhibits) - Logistics - Catering - Offer or DJ and VJ - translation - hostesses for events PROMOTION FOR BUSINESSES - Provision of work clothes - promotional IMEX has followed many works as the main performer / "Main Contractor", with clients that required a lot of coordination of work between the communication and the realization: we have achieved and the monitoring work for luxury apartment, stand / shop having Loyalty always related industry leaders regarding the supply of raw materials IMEX, performs audits of management systems and corporate social responsibility (own and that of the provider) to ensure working conditions and fair treatment of its employees. IMEX is also very sensitive to environmental issues and, when possible, of sustainable environmental and social media is through a sustainable yield in accordance with the resources available.