La Trattoria


Overlooking Jimmyz’ gardens, this Tuscan-inspired Italian restaurant offers an uninterrupted view of the Mediterranean. The dishes on the menu have been created by new chef Patrick Laine. They evoke journeys, simplicity and sharing – Roasted seabass, sun-dried vegetables for two; Sautéed San Remo Gamberoni, artichokes or Florentine-style bistecca, potatoes & spring onions. On the salumeria board, you’ll find Coppa, Bresaola, and Cinta Senese and Culatello ham. The buffet offers more than fifteen different types of antipasti and is a real pleasure for the senses – the colours, aromas and flavours all blend in perfect harmony. The selection includes Seabass carpaccio, pine nuts, olives and chives ; Octopus and potato salad ; Marinated anchovies & fennel and Confit and grilled vegetables. The restaurant also has a new take on the traditional pizzette, and offers its own versions of the Margarita, Napolitana and Focaccia di Recco. There is a selection of fresh and dried pasta, such as Casareccia with green asparagus or Linguine with clams and Spaghetti amatriciana-style. The desserts are an invitation to indulge. Enjoy a panna cotta (caramel, chocolate or red berry fruits), a Tiramisu or a Sicilian Cassata, for one person or to share. The carrettino dei gelati, an old fashioned bicycle that pushes a red ice cream cooler decorated with silver bells, offers ice creams and multicoloured sorbets.