Welcome to the certification section.

You are preparing to join the community of businesses which have been awarded Monaco Welcome certification.

Please note that the process is open to all Monegasque organisations which welcome the public.

If you have several establishments in the Principality you will have to submit a separate application for each one.

If you operate from a shared office and/or from home, unfortunately you are not eligible for certification at this time.

Providing that you meet this first requirement relating to your premises, you may begin your application.

To start, click below to select your area of business and complete the self-assessment questionnaire.

This initial stage is anonymous and will allow you to gauge the level of welcome offered by your establishment.

At the end of the questionnaire, if you complete your assessment successfully, you will be able to register to complete the process with us. Our teams will help you with this final stage.

Thank you for your interest. Please go ahead and launch the questionnaire.

If you cannot find your area of business in the list of sectors below, please contact us:

- by telephone: +377 98 98 98 99

- by email: contact@monaco-welcome.mc

To start, please select your business sector