DOTTA Immobiler SAM


DOTTA IMMOBILIER is one of the oldest agencies in MONACO. Created in 1894, our family company managed by our Director Michel DOTTA, President of the Chambre Immobilière Monégasque, and our Managing Director Brigitte BERMOND, has made a name for itself and built a reputation as the leading high-class real estate agency, offering “exceptional services for exceptional clients”. Our offices are located in the “Carré d’Or”, the most prestigious area in Monaco, nearby the Hotel de Paris, the Hotel Hermitage and the Casino. DOTTA IMMOBILIER is organized into several divisions, such as Transactions, Rentals, Management and Valuations. Our sales and rentals department, multilingual (English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Russian) is very professional and efficient. Our team of 8 highly trained realtors will welcome you and understand you, offering a broad selection of new developments but also, re-sale properties in Monaco. DOTTA IMMOBILIER know-how will ensure you the Best advice and a personalised and Taylor-made service, each client should expect. DOTTA IMMOBILIER also sells luxury properties on the French Riviera, such as CAP MARTIN, CAP D’AIL, CAP FERRAT but also “All around the world” in famous places as LONDON, PARIS, TUSCANY, MARRAKECH, SINGAPORE, BALI where our correspondents will welcome you. DOTTA IMMOBILIER will also help you to sell your property in a very short time, thanks to special tools, commercial methods, experimented marketing and important advertising in Monaco but also abroad. DOTTA IMMOBILIER is ready to help you when buying a property. We will hand all the administrative procedures and, according to your request and need, introduce you to a Federation Taxation consultant, a Notary, a Banker, all able to understand and guide you and offer the best expertise. If you purchase will become your main residence we will do our best to make easier your move to Monaco and assist you to fill in forms for obtaining your resident’s card. DOTTA IMMOBILIER will propose you an architect, a decorator and all types of Craftsman and will look after renovating works you have chosen. If your purchase is “an investment”, our management division will help you with all aspects of property-maintenance, such as electricity, telephone, insurance subscriptions but also cleaning, gardening and pool maintenance. You are unique for DOTTA IMMOBILIER. Our mission is to provide you the highest quality services possible: “MONACO is more than our market, it’s our home. Let us help you make it yours.”