Fiduciaire de Conseils et Gestion


In a business world always more complex, the customers have precise requirements regarding experience(experiment) and regarding confidentiality and are in search of an independent partner who understands their demands(requests) and their difficulties. To answer this challenge, our office(desk) of Monaco offers adapted solutions. We deal with customers who have a mattering heritage(holdings) that they wish to protect for the following generations: we thus opted for an approach on the long term and directed to the caution. Our philosophy is based on the personal contact and, over the years, our customers knew how to appreciate(estimate) our personalized and independent approach, in the respect for the tradition while adapting itself to the permanent evolutions of the world. We are happy and proud to be able to offer our services(departments) in a State so unique(only), modern and dynamic as the Principality of Monaco. The Principality is a justified independent State more than seven hundred years ago and the efforts of which allowed him(her) to become, among others, an excellent financial center endowed with a strict regulations and with a severe legislation regarding money laundering. Inheritance planning and Protection of the Properties(Goods); Constitution and Administration of Companies(Societies) and Trusts; Trustee authorized for the Monegasque Trusts; Family Office Through our international network, we can establish(constitute) companies(societies), foundations and any other possible legal structures throughout the world,with an objective of confidentiality.