Monaco Economic Board (MEB)


Monaco Economic Board Attracts and develops companies in the Principality The MEB is responsible for promoting Monaco businesses, both in the Principality and abroad. A non-profit association, it has since it was set up in 1999 been supported by the Prince’s Government and over 400 Monegasque companies who choose to become members. Through its mission to seek new investors, the Monaco Economic Board regularly organises business promotional operations abroad. It welcomes and provides information to any potential investor and introduces them to useful partners in the Principality. By becoming a member of the MEB, an enterprise in Monaco is joining the Principality’s business community in this « club » of companies. It aims to offer activities which meet the needs of members in terms of their national or international development, such as trade missions, and to expand their networks, particularly through the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), for which the MEB is Monaco’s National Committee. The MEB also makes available to members its international procedures service. And lastly, it represents the interests of the business community to the authorities in Monaco.