13 February 2020

Presentation of the New Quality of Life Preservation Unit (U.P.C.V.)

Presentation of the New Quality of Life Preservation Unit (U.P.C.V.)


On February 12th 2020, Mr. Patrice Cellario, Minister of Interior, gave a presentation on the new Quality of Life Preservation Unit (U.P.C.V.), which is comprised of 10 police officers (7 men and 3 women), under the command of a senior officer.

The main role of this Unit is to protect and improve the quality of life of the Principality's residents.  It also has a particular focus on ensuring that traffic flows smoothly and on combating all types of noise pollution and incivility.

The U.P.C.V. will also be involved in the fight against the illegal dumping of waste by individuals and companies that do not comply with the relevant regulations.

Thanks to remote means of surveillance and joint analyses in real time by the Police Department's Monitoring and Operational Command Centre (C.S.C.O.) and the Integrated Mobility Management Centre (C.I.G.M.), members of the U.P.C.V. will be able to travel around quickly in the field in order to intervene when necessary.

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