A label which recognises, enhances and maintains the quality of the welcome offered in the Principality

The aim of the label is to share standards for welcoming clients across both the private and the public sectors, in order to establish a “made in Monaco” welcome. By implementing and observing these criteria, those who are involved in welcoming clients will be able to obtain the “Monaco Welcome Certified” label.

What is the label for?

The label is designed to offer customers reliable, consistent and objective information regarding the quality of the welcome in the Principality.

It also aims to enhance your efforts to offer a first-class welcome, whether in person or by telephone.

Who is the label for?

The label is for you, if you welcome clients and wish to improve your standards in this area.

NB : If you carry out your activity in shared offices and/or from home, you are not eligible at this stage.

What standards does the label cover?

In order to evaluate the welcome you offer, quality standards have been identified in the following areas:

  • accessibility and quality of exterior
  • welcome into premises
  • in-person welcome
  • telephone welcome
  • measures aimed at improving the quality of the welcome

How does the label work?

Obtaining the label is an entirely voluntary process, which relies on a state of mind and a genuine wish for self-improvement.

There are three steps to the procedure for obtaining the label:

  • the first step consists of answering the assessment questionnaire in order to evaluate the quality of the welcome offered by your establishment.
  • once you have passed the assessment (score above 90 %) you will be able to apply for the certification by registering online and thus launch the procedure to validate your self-assessment.
  • if successful, you will be Monaco Welcome certified for 3 years.

NB: If you have several establishments in the Principality you will have to apply separately to obtain a label for each one.

Interested? Complete the assessment questionnaire applicable to your type of business.